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30 and Done

56, the number of games Joe DiMaggio had successfully gotten hits consecutively in. Many say it is a record that will never be broken. Never is a long time, but we see so few players get to a 20 game hit streak during the course of a season only to shortly after fizzle out, it quite possibly may be the one record no one will ever sniff.

Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals entered tonight’s game with exactly a 30 game hit streak only to watch it wash away on the shores of San Francisco. Zimmerman, who went 0-for-3 with 2 walks, was in the same shoes of so many before him Wednesday afternoon, watching a tremendous 30 game hit streak fall by the wayside to leave DiMaggio as the undisputed king of the hit streak.

30 games is an outstanding accomplishment in itself, however it is only slightly   halfway to the titanic number 56 which is over 1/3 of the season. Only one player in the last 68 years has even reached a 40 game streak, which was was Pete Rose who had a 44 game streak in 1978. Now I am not a huge betting man, but if it was between eternity and DiMaggio, I would take DiMaggio.